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THE RRKS provides platform to showcase talent which may be a passion and/or hobby/interest through various events.

IT Solution

THE RRKS provides platform to get free IT consultation & IT Solution (products & services) at better price.


THE RRKS provides platform to connect with like-minded people as peers too are helpful like mentors or teachers.

IT Solution
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A Few Words About Us

“THE RRKS is an Edutainment, Talent Acquisition & Technology Evangelist platform which provides community forum to connect, showcase & explore talents.” We focus on skills, interests and passion which is necessary for success in life by providing platform to showcase school students talents through creative contests & win scholarships at national level along with free IT Consultation, IT Solution (Products & Services) at better price (for all registered students family & school staff) & opportunity for professionals to work at better place.

I have an experience of more than 10 years of providing solutions of IT hardware & software products which now utilizing to share information of technologies in a simple way to understand & take advantage of through platform with Hindi poetries on almost all genre/ topics. Every one of us are unique and have own perspective, world-view, interest, hobby, passion, dream. Even though we achieve our dream in life then also we feel something is missing in our life. It may be hobby/ interest or anything that we were keen about but not doing now. Every one is a Philosopher & we all should always explore ourselves and do what makes us happy. So if you can relate then connect with THE RRKS as we are not only providing a platform to showcase school students talents but also to explore more talents and to connect with like-minded people, along with IT Consultation at no cost, IT Solution (products & services) at better price & opportunity for professionals to work at better place.

Rakesh Ranjan Kumar Singh

Founder, Director, CEO

Meet Our Yoga Instructor

“She is India’s first female coach of the little league baseball team in 1st MLB Cup (US League, Baseball) held in India.

Organized Yoga sessions for Police Radio Training School, Indore under “Self Development & Management”.

Organized Yoga sessions under “Yog se Nirog” an initiative of MP Govt. & Ministry of Ayush.

Organized Yoga Awareness Campaign in various DAVV, Indore affiliated colleges.

Recipient of Malwa Khel Award by Hon’ble Minister of Sports, M.P. Govt. in 2019.”

Vinita Tiwari

Coach, Yoga Instructor

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